Employment Verification

Please read this information about our new pricing effective May 18, 2020.

Two levels of employee information are available:

Level 1 - Confirm Basic Employment (Cost: $ 35.00)

To obtain this report, all you will need is the employee's social security number and employer name. Enter the social security number in the space provided and select Level 1 report.

This level will provide you with the following information if available:

  • Current or last employer name
  • Job title
  • Date of hire
  • Status
  • Date of termination (if not current)
  • Authorized hours worked
  • Actual hours worked

Level 2 - Confirm Employment & Salary (Cost: $ 35.00)

This report will include all of the information from Level 1 report, plus current and historical wage and earnings information. To access this report, you must use the employee's social security number and PIN, (which the individual will provide you). You will also need the employee's drivers license number and date of birth.

In addition to the Level 1 information, you will receive the following information if available:

  • Year To Date Base Earnings
  • Previous 2 Year's Base Earnings
  • YTD Gross Bonuses
  • Previous 2 Year's Gross Bonuses
  • YTD Overtime Earnings
  • Previous 2 Year's OT Earnings
  • YTD Commissions
  • Previous 2 Year's Commissions
  • YTD Other Earnings
  • Previous 2 Year's Other Earnings
  • Other Earnings Type Description
Employer Name
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Purpose of Verification

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