IMPORTANT: The data available on this site is no longer updated
nor maintained. ONLY reports where employment ended prior to
September 2017 can be expected to contain accurate information!

This service will be transitioning to a new site in the near future.
For questions, please email
or call 800-683-0255

Web Verify - Employment Verification System

The Group One Services Employment verification system is designed to speed and standardize the process verifying employment history of prospective employees. By automating what has been a manual and time consuming process, time and money will be saved and more accurate information will be provided.

  • Employees — Web Verify gives employees secure and convenient access to obtain a Personal Information Number (PIN) for income verification.
  • Verifiers — Whether you are a lender, apartment manager, pre-employment service, or other verifier, Web Verify makes getting employment and income verifications easy. It is simply the fastest and most accurate method available.
    Frequent users can set up a monthly invoice account.
  • Social Service Agencies — Verify employment and income to determine eligibility of applicants for Social Services.
  • Client List — View a list of our current clients.
  • Employees — Request your own employment verification.

Benefits of This Service

  • Easier loan approvals
  • Improved Confidentiality
    Your HR department is no longer filling your requests for employment or income verification.
  • Much Faster
    Many employers can take a week or more to fill a request for a verification of employment or income. Web Verify can reduce this to minutes.


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